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At Exert, the whole team works together as one big family. And yet there is a huge variety in the profiles of those working here. What do we have in common? A passion for everything to do with IT. Together, we support the IT needs of a range of businesses and take them to a higher level. And that is what makes us so strong. We know each other inside out, complement each other where necessary, know we can count on each other and enlist each other's help to tackle challenges.

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Working in IT means working in an environment that never stands still. That's why all our IT experts are eternal students. We invest heavily in personal growth and training plans that are re-evaluated every year. Learning more and enhancing your skills will definitely be on your to-do list. Have you just finished your education? You too can become part of our Exert family. We always have IT openings for beginners. A lack of experience is not a problem because you will gain this immediately with us.


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